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Safeguard your business from a power surge

By Admin | Jan 28, 2019

Your business is your lifeblood – and protection of your business premises is critical.   Often we take precautions in our homes to protect appliances against power surges – however we may overlook our place of business.   Firstly, surge protection will offer a level of protection for your equipment, machinery and office technology.  …

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Three common electrical problems in your home

By Admin | Jan 28, 2019

Almost every aspect of our day to day lives is now dependent on our access to electricity.   And when it comes to household electrics, your safety is paramount.   Flickering lights, frequently blown fuses, and sparking or damaged appliances are all indications of electrical problems on your home circuit.   FREQUENT ELECTRICAL SURGES Lightning…

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How fire safe is your home?

By Admin | Jan 23, 2019

WITHIN minutes a house fire has the capability of destroying not only your possessions – but your family. Most house fires start in the kitchen – and there are a number of simple ways you can reduce the risk of fire danger. While the first rule of thumb is never to leave food unattended on…

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