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Air Conditioning Installation & Repairs on the Sunshine Coast


The Perfect Solution To Live In Comfort

It’s easy to see why so many home and business owners choose ducted air conditioning. It’s relatively quiet, unobtrusive and can be designed to accommodate your property’s architecture. Whether you are building a new property or want air conditioning for an existing one, our reliable team travel to properties throughout the Sunshine Coast.

Ducted AC can cool every room in your premises, and we can offer a variety of brands to match your budget & offer a tailored solution to best suit your space. You can use ducted systems to heat or cool an entire property or just zones within it. We can provide a modern, sleek design that will add value to your property.

To arrange a ducted air conditioning quote or service with our team, contact Excite Electrics today on 1300 414 177. Our services are available in Caloundra, Maroochydore and surrounds.


Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioners are:

  1. Typically more energy-efficient than other types of air conditioners, which can save you money on your power bills.
  2. Able to provide uniform cooling and heating throughout your home or office, rather than concentrated cooling in one area like window or split system air conditioners.
  3. Able to be controlled using a central controller with zoning, making it easy. to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or office.
  4. Less likely to cause mould and mildew growth because the cool air is dryer, and keeps the humidity at a level that is comfortable. 

Get in touch today to discover more about how ducted air conditioning can provide you comfort all year round.

Air Conditioning Installation Sunshine Coast

Whether you’re installing an air conditioner for the first time, or replacing an old unit, you can rely on our friendly team of electricians to get it done for you. We know there’s nothing worse than feeling hot, sticky and sweaty, wishing you had air conditioning. Once you’ve accepted our quote, we’ll rescue you – turning up as promised and installing only the highest quality, energy efficient air conditioning unit.

air conditioner expert installing split system air conditioning in Sunshine Coast
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Split System or Ducted Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

Depending on your space and budget, you can choose from installing a split system air conditioner or opting for a ducted system. Split system air conditioners are great for cooling (or heating) smaller spaces and come in a variety of sizes to suit most people’s needs. Ducted air conditioning (or heating) is brilliant to cool all the rooms in your home at once, without the need for multiple units. 

Air Conditioning Repairs & Servicing Sunshine Coast

To get the longest life out your air conditioner, we recommend servicing and cleaning it at least once a year. This involves flushing out dirt and dust, flushing drainage lines and using mould sterilisers, sanitisers and deodorisers. If you find your air conditioner isn’t working (blowing hot air etc.), before you ditch it, let us take a look in case it’s a simple fix or as easy as a part needing replacement. 

split system air conditioner repairs being conducted on home unit in Sunshine Coast
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Home Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

Your home is your haven – the place you relax at the end of a long day or share laughs with your family and friends on the weekend. So, it makes sense that you want to feel comfortable. And air conditioning plays a major role in this! You’ll come to love the feeling when you walk into your magnificently cooled home and say, ‘Ah, that’s heaven’. 

Commercial Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

No one wants to be all hot and stinky at work. Sure, sometimes it’s unavoidable, but if you’ve got a commercial premise, there are so many commercial air conditioning options to keep you, and your employees cool. With as little disruption as possible, we come to your premises to repair or install air conditioning units to make sure everyone stays comfortable. 

commercial air conditioner being repaired by specialist in Sunshine Coast
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Why Choose Excite Electrics?

Obligation free quotes

After checking the space you’d like air conditioned, we’ll provide you with an all-inclusive quote, so you’ll know the costs upfront without any hidden surprises.

Respectful electricians

Our team value your space and will always treat you with the utmost respect. Whether it’s a workplace or your home, we cause as little disruption as possible.

Energy efficient units

Using only the best, quality manufacturers in Australia, all the units we use and recommend are highly energy efficient to save your money & the environment.

Fast turnaround times

As Sunshine Coastians, we know it’s not fun to be left without cooling (or heating!). We promise to be there to install or repair your air conditioning pronto.