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Smoke Alarms on the Sunshine Coast

To be compliant with government legislation, your property–be it residential or commercial–must have working smoke alarms installed. That’s where the team at Excite Electrics comes in! Our crew install and action smoke alarm upgrades, as well as carry out regular maintenance as required. We travel throughout the Sunshine Coast from Noosa to Caloundra, and anywhere in between.

Smoke alarms save lives; there’s no secret there. At Excite Electrics, we’re here to help you adhere to current state and national legislative requirements. It’s super vital that you check your smoke alarms regularly to ensure they’re not faulty. Our crew ensure smoke alarms are fully functioning and compliant in over 1500 properties on the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. 

Homeowners and property managers for trust us for electrical property maintenance, and we’re proud members of Fire Protection Association Australia, Real Estate Institute of Australia, Smoke Alarm Association, and Smokies Australia.

Through our extensive knowledge in the industry, we’ve chosen to align with reputable and high-quality providers such as Emerald Planet and Cavius, who are both owned and operated in Australia and New Zealand, priding themselves on their reliability, low-cost yet premium quality.

Smoke alarms

Your Smoke Alarm Obligations As Tenants & Property Managers

Our Sunshine Coast smoke alarm experts are passionate about keeping clients informed as to what their rights and obligations are.

Tenants: It is strongly recommended that you have your smoke alarm professionally tested and cleaned at least every 12 months. Flat batteries should be replaced as quickly as possible. You have the right to insist with property management that your smoke alarm meets legislative standards. 

Property managers: Failing to arrange an annual inspection of smoke alarms could mean a major fine or putting the tenants’ life in danger. Our technicians can give you peace of mind, carrying out all installations, repairs, upgrades and maintenance as needed. 

The legislation for all leased residential properties in Queensland has changed, and the safety standard has increased. All leased properties must have smoke alarms upgraded before the 1st January 2022.


Changes to Smoke Alarm Legislation

From the 1st January 2022, rental properties must:

  • Have smoke alarms installed in every bedroom of the house
  • Have smoke alarms that are powered either by 240 volts or a 10-year lithium battery
  • Have smoke alarms that are interconnected with each other
  • Have photoelectric smoke alarms rather than ionisation
Smoke Alarm - Floor Plan Resized
Smoke Alarm - Floor Plan

Smoke Alarm Pricing Options For The Best-Rated Smoke Alarms

Emerald Planet Smoke Alarms
Cavius Smoke Alarms

Our Smoke Alarm Range

Cavius Smoke Alarm

Cavuis Smoke Alarm

Emerald Planet Smoke Alarm

Emerald Planet Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm FAQs

Most smoke alarms will have a low battery indicator to tell you when the batteries need to be replaced. Generally, it is recommended that you replace the batteries in your smoke alarm at least once a year. You may need to replace them more often if they are not holding a charge well.

If the alarm is chirping intermittently, has reached its expiration date or has signs of physical damage, it could well be faulty. We advise calling Excite’s professional electrician team who specialise in smoke alarm repairs and compliance ASAP.

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