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Air Conditioning Installation & Repairs in Maroochydore

When you need air conditioning services in Maroochydore, there is only one name you need to know—Excite Electrics. We are your local air conditioning specialists, providing a complete range of services to residential, commercial and industrial clients across the region.

We have a combined 30 years of experience, so you can rest assured we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. Our crew is fully qualified, licensed, insured and available 24/7 to attend to your air conditioning needs.

Wur qualified refrigeration mechanics work with ducted and split system air conditioning systems, whether you need a new air conditioner installed, or your existing system serviced or repaired. We also offer regular maintenance to keep your air conditioner in top condition.

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Maroochydore Air Conditioning Installation

Installing an air conditioning system at your property is a great way to keep cool all year round. We provide solutions tailored to your space and budget that will keep you cool all year round.

At Excite Electrics, we can provide advice on energy-efficient air conditioning solutions to help you save money on your power bills. If you’re not sure what system would be best for your setting, just ask our friendly team!

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality air conditioning services at an affordable price. Everyone’s needs are different, so we offer a range of services and brands to suit all budgets and requirements for your peace of mind.

For all your air conditioning needs in Maroochydore, make Excite Electrics your first choice. Call us today for a quote.

Need to cool down your Maroochydore home this summer without breaking the bank? Our split system air conditioners are just what you need! Whether you’re looking for a single room solution or want to cool your entire house—we can help.

Looking for a top-quality, energy-efficient and affordable ducted air conditioner? We are experts in ducted air conditioning installations in Maroochydore and our systems are some of the most technologically advanced on the market.

We’re Electricians Who Love Maroochydore

Our team of electricians reckon we have the best ‘job’ in the world. Not only do we meet new people every day and help them when they most need us, but we get to do it all over the Sunshine Coast.

Seriously, does it get much better? The Sunshine Coast is beautiful, and our clients are simply the best!

No matter the size or scope of your project, we’re the crew we want our fellow Sunshine Coast residents to think of when they think, ‘I need an Electrician’.

We pride ourselves on arriving on time, working efficiently, completing work above and beyond expectations, being respectful and courteous, and backing our service 100%.

And no bull, we are the only Electricians on the Sunshine Coast this excited about electricity!

Air Conditioning Maroochydore FAQs

Here are some tips:

– Keep your air conditioner clean and free of debris. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning recommendations.
– Change your air conditioner’s filter regularly. A dirty filter can restrict airflow and make your unit work harder than necessary.
– Make sure that all vents and registers are clear and unobstructed.
– Be sure to schedule regular maintenance checks for your air conditioner. This will help ensure it is operating at peak efficiency.

There are several potential reasons for this:

– The air conditioner may be the wrong size for the space. An air conditioner that is too small will not cool a room sufficiently, while one that is too large will cool the space quickly but not effectively remove humidity.
– The air conditioner may need to be recharged with refrigerant.
– There may be blockages or leaks in the air conditioner’s ductwork.
– The air filter may be dirty and need to be replaced.
– The evaporator coils may be frosted over, which can restrict airflow.

A musty or unpleasant smell coming from your air conditioner can be caused by several things:

– Dirty filters or a dirty air conditioner unit can cause a musty smell. Be sure to clean or replace the filters and clean the unit itself according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
– If there is mould or mildew growing inside the air conditioner unit, this can also cause a musty smell. Clean the unit with a solution of bleach and water to remove.
– If there is a gas leak, this can also cause an unpleasant smell. Be sure to have any gas leaks repaired by a qualified technician immediately.

There are several things you can do to extend the life of your air conditioner and keep it running efficiently:

– Have regular maintenance checks performed.
– Keep the unit clean and free of debris.
– Change the filter regularly.
– Make sure all vents and registers are clear and unobstructed.
– Be sure to schedule repairs promptly if any problems arise.