2022 Legislation

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Legislation for all residential properties in Queensland is changing, increasing the standard of safety regarding smoke alarms. Compliance for rental properties must be completed by 1st January 2022

These new requirements to be in place by 1st January 2022 for rental properties, necessitate the following measures:

  • Smoke alarms must be installed in every bedroom of a home
  • All smoke alarms must be powered by either 240 volt or 10 year lithium battery
  • All smoke alarms must be interconnected to each other
  • All smoke alarms must be photoelectric rather than ionisation
  • All smoke alarms must comply with AS3786:2014

Smoke alarms must be installed on each storey:

  • In each bedroom; and
  • In hallways which connect bedrooms and the rest of the dwelling; or
  • If there is no hallway, between the bedrooms and other parts of the storey; and
  • If there are no bedrooms on a storey, at least one smoke alarm must be installed in the most likely path of travel to exit the dwelling

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