Meet The Team

Andrew Easton, Electrician, Excite Electrics

Andrew Easton - Director

Andrew comes from a power generation background (generators). This means he had to solve problems fast! This would involve mining sites being without power until he diagnosed the problem, sometimes in the early hours of the morning.

Andy finds so many parts of being a business owner enjoyable. To name the best? For Andy it is being able to watch his team members evolve around him. Guiding them to grow and develop new skills making them the best at what they do. Up-skilling each team member and building the culture that makes working for Excite a lifestyle not a job.

If Andy wasn't running Excite, he would be working as a professional stock trader (although he basically considers himself one now) and on the weekends you'll find him practicing yoga, surfing and being a Dad.

Ella Taylor office manager Excite Electrics

Ella Taylor - Office & Business Development Manager

Ella is all about asking the right questions and seeing situations from all perspectives. Relationships with both her team and her clients are Ella's priority.

Ella's favourite part of the job is how much she learns, anything from electrical work (she could probably fault find an air conditioner!) to web design.

In another life, Ella would have been a neuroscientist, she is fascinated by the human brain and has at least two books on the go at once on the subject. On her days off, Ella still can't slow down. You'll find her keeping up with her tertiary studies, swimming/paddle boarding, playing tennis, volunteering or cooking.

Ella lives by 'leaving everything better than you found it' and always practicing kindness.

Scott Gross Electrician Excite Electrics

Scott Gross - Electrician

Scott  'Scotty G' Gross is the best in the biz. He has an unrivaled attention to detail and the need to learn about the very few things he doesn't know.

Scott's strengths are new house builds and office fit-outs, as well as dealing with clients and builders from start to finish so each job runs smoothly.

Scott's favourite part of the job is new installs and finishing off a long running project to see the finished product.

If he wasn't an electrician, he would have joined the army or tried his luck at the SAS.

When Scott isn't working, he's competing and training for long distance triathlons, flipping houses and travelling.

Matt Steinkellner Electrician Excite Electrics

Matt Steinkellner - Electrician

Matt is a problem solver. His strengths include forward thinking and being as efficient as possible.

Matt's favourite part of the job is the difference of every day, with a new challenge always around the corner.

If Matt wasn't an electrician, he'd be a four wheel drive mechanic and when he's not working, you'll find him four wheel driving, camping and fishing.

Matt lives by the quote 'life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards'.

Joe Hallas Electrician Excite Electrics

Joe Hallas - Appliance Specialist

Joe is an appliance extraordinaire. He can repair anything; whether it be an air conditioner, dishwasher, washing machine; you name it!

Joe's strengths are fault finding and fitting into places that others can't.

Joe's favourite part of the job is the satisfaction of being able to fix something that someone else can't, as well as a customer satisfaction of a job well done.

If Joe wasn't an electrician, he would be working in the aviation industry as a technician or engineer.

When Joe isn't working, he is restoring vintage Japanese cars in his spare time, don't ask how he got into this - he accidentally started a collection. He also loves travelling with his snowboard, last trip- Japan, next trip- New Zealand.

Elliot Footitt Apprentice Excite Electrics

Elliot Footitt - Second Year Apprentice

Elliot may be officially in the second year of his apprenticeship, but he is miles ahead in his knowledge and skills.

Elliot's confidence lies in being able to always engage in new tasks to gain a wider knowledge of the trade.

Elliot's favourite part of the job is knowing that once a challenging job has been completed to a high standard, the customer is satisfied and a mutual appreciation is established.

If Elliot wasn't doing his electrical apprenticeship, he would be training to be an airline pilot and when he's not at work, his interests include football, music, travelling and science.

Elliot's quote he lives by? 'stress less'.

Seth Husson Apprentice Excite Electrics

Seth Husson - First Year Apprentice

Seth may be the baby tradie, but he holds his own with his ALWAYS positive attitude and willingness to learn.

Seth's strengths are definitely problem solving by sourcing the root of the issue.

Seth's favourite part of the job is all the different situations he finds himself in daily and the experience those situations bring.

If Seth wasn't doing his apprenticeship, he'd most likely be working in software development; like building computers, circuit boards or gaming software.

When Seth isn't at work, you'll find him on basically any kind of board - most likely of the skate or surf variety. He lives for the beach and spending time with his mates.

Seth lives by the principle that 'if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough'.

Kirralee Banbury Office support Excite Electrics

Kirralee Banbury - Office Support

Kirralee is a whiz in the office and is around all of our office software. She makes things happen in a timely manner and always with a smile on her face.

Kirralee's strengths are definitely how quickly she learns and her professionalism when dealing with customers and clients.

When Kirralee isn't at Excite, she is most likely instructing pilates or playing with her Labrador puppy, Rocco.

Kirralee is a big believer in 'everything happens for a reason'.


Eadie - Excite Office Dog

Eadie is an integral part of the Excite team.

Eadie's strengths are definitely licking, sleeping and stealing uneaten fruit off of the office desks.

Eadie's favourite part of the job is all of the attention she gets by the office staff, customer walk-ins and tradies alike.

When Eadie isn't at the office, you're likely to find her passed out in the sunshine, or at the beach.

Eadie lives by the mantra 'if you see it, eat it'.