Dear Valued Client
With the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation Excite Electrics would like to provide an update on the impacts and the control measures that are being put into place to ensure we play our part in removing the risk of transmission of the virus whilst also ensuring we service your maintenance requirements in what we are aiming to be as close to a "business as usual" situation as possible.  

Protection Initiatives

First and foremost, our focus is on our commitment to the health and safety of all clients, the general public and our employees.

To ensure this effective tomorrow (Friday 20th March), we will be implementing the following control measures;

Excite Electrics has procured antibacterial surface spray and antibacterial hand wash for each of our technicians who will carry on board their vehicles.

Our employees will be using these medical grade products as follows;

  1. Before entering any agency to collect keys
  2. Before entering every rental property
  3. After completion of each job
  4. Any surfaces or items installed by Excite Electrics during the job, will be treated with hard surface (non-toxic) antibacterial spray and cleaning wipes (marked to kill 99.9% of germs) at the completion of the job.
  5. Any keys returned to your agency, will be treated with antibacterial spray and housed inside a glad bag upon return.
  6. At the end of each day, employees will treat all hand tools with antibacterial spray in preparation for the next day

 Employee Isolation (if required)

Any employee who does develop any symptoms of the flu or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive, will be self-isolated in accordance with government guidelines.

Furthermore, all employees will be required to follow the travel bans and self-exclusion requirements that are currently set out (or implemented in the future) by the authorities.

Tenant Screening & Information

To keep tenants informed, we will be sending a link to them outlining the control measures we will put in place. We will also be asking them to advise us if they themselves are suffering from any flu-like symptoms so we can cancel/re-schedule these bookings.

Your assistance in communicating this with tenants via any mail outs, would be very much appreciated.

Supply Chain Delays

We have been working closely with our suppliers regarding stock levels and supply
General Electrical Items (day to day) - No Delays
Ceiling Fans & Specialty Lights - No Delays
Appliances (Ovens & Cooktops etc) - Excite Holding Stock  
Air Conditioners -
Mitsubishi - Limited stock (case by case)        
Daikin - Limited Stock
Haier - Stock Arriving Early April
We have contacted those already impacted to advise and already blocked off extra resources for early/mid-April so that we can have these installed as soon as they arrive to us. We will inform any new quote acceptances, of the delays and again, stress that when stock is released, we will be doing everything we can to clear any back logs this may cause. 
In regard to appliance stock, this does all come out of Asia so we do anticipate there to be some stock issues in the coming weeks. We are currently working on securing what stock is left in Australia and holding internally, so there are limited delays with the RTA deemed essential services such as Ovens, Cooktops and Stoves.

An area where we will need assistance before end of month, is clearing overdue accounts. To ensure we can get access to, or carry the stock needed to service your portfolio, we are currently paying for items upfront as well as increased business costs over this period.

As a small business, whilst we are able to continue to offer 14-day trading terms, we cannot afford to carry bills that are over 30 + days overdue given the headwinds we are facing.
Thank you

Like all businesses, we will be impacted by this outbreak and there are some uncertain times. We believe we can keep things as close to business as usual so do appreciate your loyalty and thank you in advance for continuing to support Excite Electrics - it genuinely means a lot to us. 

Likewise, if we can assist you in anyway ease the pain/burden during this time, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Further Updates

We do acknowledge that this is ever-changing situation so if further information that is relevant to your, your business or our service offering does come to hand, we will send a further update
Thank you once again
Excite Electrics