LED Lighting Sunshine Coast

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With the rising trend in energy prices, using less power and keeping bills down is a necessity for all homes and businesses.

With our team of experienced tradesmen, we can assist in conserving your energy using the latest lighting technology known as LED Energy Saving Lighting.

How Does LED lighting save you money?

Traditional incandescent bulbs can lose up to 90% of the energy as heat rather than light. That lost energy is money being thrown away. Dissipating little or no heat, energy efficient LED Lighting can reduce your power bill by up to 80%. The benefits of LED Lighting are endless.
A few other LED lighting facts you should know:

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.
LED lighting is the most environmentally friendly lighting solution available and can help you to reduce your carbon footprint by up to 90%.
Most down lights use 50 watts of power! LEDs use only 10 Watts.
> LED lights can last up to 20 years in normal home use. That’s up to 30 times longer than the average halogen!

Due to the demand for energy saving technologies, the production of LED lights has dramatically increased. Thus bringing prices down and making them an economically viable energy saving solution.

Excite Electrics can retrofit your existing light fittings with LED globes or install new fittings in your home or business saving your energy costs and helping the planet.

Contact Excite Electrics today for some friendly advice, and see your home or business evolve through LED technology.

LED Lighting Sunshine Coast